Monday, November 16, 2009

Fruit for Christmas

We’re a big family, three aunts on both sides, one uncle on my mother’s side and two on my dad’s side. And they all have kids. We spend Christmas time in New York at my uncle Ben’s. Mostly because it snows in New York and also because his house is the only one big enough to fit all of us. It’s just the right size too. We have just enough space to avoid stepping on someone.

The Christmas tree is huge and we try to have ours up and decorated as early as possible. My aunt Linda has a habit of putting Christmas fruit under the tree before Christmas. She thinks it will curb our enthusiasm for present opening and keep us calm.

It doesn’t we enjoy her early Christmas gifts and continue to find where mom hid the gifts for Christmas. It’s become a tradition with us. We have a lot of crazy traditions. Like leaving our shopping till the last week and always going shopping together. With such a big family, Christmas shopping is a complete fiasco. Every year we’re surprised why we haven’t lost someone at the mall. Maybe we have and with all the people in the family, no one’s noticed yet. Another tradition is the ‘Family Christmas Photo’. My granny loves this one.

The whole family, over twenty-five of us in our Christmas sweaters squish together to fit into the 6 x 4 frame. We have ten years of family Christmas pictures. Of course if anyone were to look at them very closely, they’d discover a little secret of ours. The family’s bad joke as we call it. They will find our cousin Barney. They will find him in the first ten pictures and hen he will suddenly stop appearing in the rest. Cousin Barney is the Families bad joke. He’s a complete prankster. We see him every day but on Christmas he is banished by order of my grandmother.

Five Christmases ago, while waiting for dinner to cook, Cousin Barney ate his way through three Christmas fruit baskets. With so much chocolate in his blood, his practical joke pulling abilities were sharpened. So while we all squished together for the family photo, he ran out yelling, ‘Fire! Fire!’ the neighbors called the NYFD who hosed our Christmas tree down with water only to learn that there was no fire. Since then, Cousin Barney does not come over for Christmas. His Christmas gifts are delivered to him two days in advance. Aunt Linda always sends him Fruit for Christmas to remind him of what he did. But I think over the last five years, he’s been repenting. His gifts are

usually novelty items but this year he visited my aunt Linda and gave her such an exquisite and Unique Christmas gifts. It was a fruit basket but it looks more like a fruit bouquet. Aunt Linda forgave him immediately and even started asking grandma to let him come over for Christmas dinner again. But Grandma wasn’t moved until he sent her a nice Edible Christmas gifts as well. It was proof that he had indeed seen the error of his ways. Grandma forgave him and he is once again allowed to come and enjoy Christmas with the rest of the family.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Father’s day is celebrated all around the world to give tribute to all the fathers in the world, who have sacrificed their own lives to give their family a happy life. Parents are an important factor of a child’s life; the word father is as much soothing as the word mother sounds. Father has as much as role in the Child’s life as mothers have. We cannot just ignore the fathers for all their efforts in the upbringing of his child.
Father’s day is celebrated to give honor to all the men around the world who are not just fathers but also to them who acted as fathers, step fathers, grandfathers and even the big brothers who played the role of father. And one should acknowledge and regard them by giving them a hug and a sweet gift.
Best gift for a dad can be a father’s day gift baskets, these gift baskets can be filled with the favorite food of father or the things he like the most. Nowadays beautiful father’s day fruit arrangements are also available. This can be a healthy gift made up of beautifully arranged seasonal fruits.
Father’s day Fruits gifts are now available in different forms either it can be father’s day fruit bouquets, or father’s day fruit baskets or a father’s day fruit arrangement or simple father’s day fruit gift.
Fruits no doubt are good for health and are the symbol of care. And a fruit arrangement can show your care in a best way. So this is the right time to tell your father how much you love and how empty your life is without him by giving some beautiful father’s day fruit gifts, To tell him that the person who has the fathers title is not an ordinary person but an extra ordinary and deserves to be loved and to be appreciated for all his efforts.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Strawberries dipped in chocolate are the perfect gift for your family, friend, and special someone. Hand dipped in gourmet chocolate, these strawberries are the most demanding and wonderful gift for anyone around. Occasions, events and celebrations are part of our busy lives, but now traditional gifts like purchasing an expensive jewelry, selecting a tie, or choosing a book; are no longer practiced. An innovation in gifts is brought to you by some creative people in form of “dipped strawberries”. Before this wonderful idea people were using strawberries to decorate desserts, making juices and shakes, adding in cakes and eating as a fruit. Chocolate covered strawberries are now liked and admired by anyone as a gift or as a wonderful dessert.
Imagine the pleasure of tasting a juicy, big sized strawberry dipped in White, dark or milk chocolate! Decorate them with sprinkles of different colors and arrange them to give as a gift for any occasion. These are ideal to give on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Best wishes, Get well soon, new born baby, get together, graduation, thank giving or many more daily events.
Chocolate covered strawberries are healthy desserts, since strawberries have no fat, cholesterol or salt, they are high in vitamin C and a good source of potassium and fiber. They are low in calorie. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries are fun to make and more entertaining to eat. Dip strawberries according to occasions and celebrations. Wish someone a chocolaty strawberry birthday with colorful sprinkles over them. Garnish each strawberry with drizzle and candies in festive party colors. Definite to be a perfect for all ages!
Dip the berries in the melted semisweet chocolate and drizzle with the melted white baking chips. Incredible, mouthwatering dipped strawberry gifts are simply divine! Each luscious strawberry is hand-dipped and covered with nuts, coconut or sprinkles. The end result is a blissful combination of flavors. Even though they are sugar free, they are sweet and delicious.
Cover the fresh, red and ripen strawberries in unforgettable taste of gourmet dark chocolate and cover them with white chocolate to decorate and make designs over them. The end result of these double dipped fruity strawberries is a heavenly combination of colors and flavors.
Another innovation in dipped strawberriesis by sinking them in rich white yogurt and decorating with a hint of orange, strawberry and lemon flavored swizzles, and creating a taste that is simply unbelievable. This can be presented as a formal business gift, and a superb gift for a good friend and colleague.
Peanut butter lovers have another new dessert for their night meals and parties. Double-dipped and decorated with swizzles or peanuts, hand-dipped strawberries convey a combination of flavors, and will tempt the recipient. Arrange and place this gift carefully in a beautifully and decently decorated handmade box of dozen strawberries and deliver to your loved one. Sure to please them and perfect to remain long in memories.